Laughter of the Soul.

Well I guess life is unpredictable. Every time I think of doing something it goes way opposite of what I thought. I have been trying so hard to get my life back together , being productive , dealing with things but I guess that is just not enough. I am finally tired and resign fromContinue reading “Laughter of the Soul.”

What’s After A Breakup?

Nobody knows the answer to this question but what everyone is interested in is how to get over the pain and hurt. But our life has more to offer rather than just getting over the person. Maybe we can just try to live with it , or move on in our own time or justContinue reading “What’s After A Breakup?”

30 Cake Flavours.

We all have a favorite cake flavour. But when someone asks us to choose one we might be a little indecisive. Most of us don’t know that there are a variety of flavours one can choose from. To make your life a little easier here are 30 cake flavours to choose from and make yourContinue reading “30 Cake Flavours.”