Travelling essentials

How many times have you went on a trip with heavy bags? The one thing every traveller dreams is to travel lighter. Here are some of the essentials a traveller needs to carry while s/he is on a trip.

Main bags

A traveller needs to carry two main bags in his/her luggage. One his/her main suitcase and second a carry bag that can be a bag pack or a normal handbag. You can choose stylish luggage like a modern suitcase and a cool bag pack for all your instagram or snapchat worthy pictures.

Suitcase –
You can pack the following things depending on how many days you are going to stay on your vacation.

1. Clothes

2. Shoes

3. Makeup

Bag pack –

You don’t need to put a whole lot of stuff in your suitcase but you can keep all your essential things in the bag that will be with you during your flight.

These are –

1. Socks – some flights can be long and i have been to many where i would be freezing and i definitely need a pair of socks to keep me warm.

2. Headphones – they can be noise canceling and you can of course use them to hear a novel or songs so that you are not bored.

3. Earphones – while in some flights you might want to watch movies on the screen that is in front of you and you can connect them on the screen.

4. Charger – you have to carry your phone charger and you can just plug in the chord of the charger under your seat so that you can charge your phone easily

5. Multi charger – You can have a battery backup as you don’t know when that can come in use . Power banks can come in handy many times.

6. Laptop and it’s charger – you can be bored and you can use your laptop to watch movies on a big screen and of course there is a lot of work you need to do.

7. Snack – you can keep a quick snack like yogurt bars or granola bars or maybe a protein bar in case you get hungry or the other option is airport food or the food you get during you are in your flight. Not everyone likes to eat that food so in case you don’t have the mood to eat the flight food you can always have the other option.

8. Sanitizer and wipes – you always touch a lot of stuff that can give you germs so keeping a hand sanitizer is always handy for a germ free environment around you.

9. Gums – your ears may pop during flights so to avoid that you can always chew your gums.

10. Wallet – to keep all that money you are going to spend and all your debit cards and credit cards.

11. An essentials pouch – many random things like your tooth brush , tooth paste , comb , medicines , hand cream , face cream , deodorant , perfume , face wipes .

12. Shades and caps – you got to have style when you move out from the flight and then the airport shades are the most important thing.

Last but not the least your phone of course you can never travel without it anywhere.

Work with concentration

Many a times you want to finish a project or an assignment or do any kind of work but you are not motivated to do it. You loose concentration and then maybe you don’t wish to complete that task and you procrastinate it. You may want to complete your work on time but due to lack of motivation you may not be willing to do that and you may give yourself a lot of excuses to not do that work, for example – you are tired, you can do it tomorrow, it is not that important etc.

Ways to concentrate on your work

1. Motivation

If you are not motivated enough you cannot concentrate on your work. Motivation is the biggest reason for you to concentrate on your work. You can be motivated to do a thing on time. For that you can attach picture frames on the area of your study with many motivational quotes or the goal you want to achieve. You can even have a motivational wall where you can keep adding quotes or your goals/dreams. By looking at those pictures everyday you will be motivated to complete your work on time.

2. Music

Studies have proved that listening to music helps in concentration. While listening to relaxing or soothing music you will be able to relax and concentrate on your work. While in some cases people find music distracting so for those people who are not into music they can just turn on a relaxing melody or can just turn the music off. It is also proven that if you listen to calm music you can sleep better and fast. If your sleep cycle is of 7-8 hours you will be fresh enough the next day and you will be able to concentrate better.

3. Organise your area of study

If you organise the place where you study or where you usually do your work you will want to work more. If the place is clean and tidy then you may want to actually sit and do your work with concentration. Keeping only the necessary stuff that you require and removing all the items that are just kept and are of no use helps a lot. Items like pens , highlighters , binders, paperclips , sticky notes and your laptop are likely to be kept on the area of your study.

4. Turning off the wifi or your mobile data

If you want to concentrate on your work you have to be away from the distraction. Switch off your wifi or your mobile data to keep you off from distractions otherwise you would want to check all the notifications or your social media accounts now and then. You can even put your mobile on flight mode. Do not work continuously for hours. Take short breaks in between because that will help you relax your mind and help you in concentrating better.

5. Always keep mints with you

Mints can help you reduce your headache and increase concentration. Eat your mints in gaps between your work or study and it tastes pretty good too.

6. Grape juice

Drinking grape juice helps in reducing migraine and improving concentration. You can always keep grape juice in a bottle with you. It not only tastes good but it will also help you in improving your concentration.

7. Never keep food near you while you work.

Keeping food near you while you are working leads to distraction. Always eat before you study so that you won’t be empty stomach and you will be able to concentrate better on your work.

These were some easy ways with which you can concentrate on your work easily and you will really want to work more and work smart.

Healthy living

How many times do you think before you eat? 90% of the people decide what they should eat but not think, if it is good for their health or not. People should eat healthy. Many of us visit dietitians about what we should eat and almost all of them says ‘No’ to junk food. Well, it is not that, that you should not eat junk food but you should eat them in a limited amount.

If you do not eat healthy you can acquire many diseases or even worse – organ failure. If all you eat are pizzas and burgers or having lunch and dinner at great hotels or restaurants you should understand that you are inviting all the problems such as obesity, diabetes, liver infection etc.

It is advised to eat junk food once in a week. A healthy diet includes a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, roughage and proteins. To stay healthy is to live longer.

Eating junk food regularly and not exercising after that results in the accumulation of fats which may lead to many problems.

Some people live to eat while some eat to live. There is a huge difference. Whatever you eat shows a lot about your lifestyle. Select before eating.

Always have a three course meal.

Eat your breakfast like a president.

Eat your lunch like a normal person.

Eat your dinner like a beggar.

Follow these simple rules for a healthy and a long life. Have a healthy lifestyle and you will get to spend a better and a long life with your loved ones.


How many times you thought you were perfect at a thing? People usually want to do their best at everything but they tend to forget that it is not about perfection but progress. People should not focus on doing things perfectly but should focus on doing things better than before.

When people set new goals he/she is motivated to accomplish it. He/she may be confident that it will go perfectly. But in reality as time passes by the goal might feel harder to achieve. The person might want to give up and it can cause failure. When people want to achieve his goals he/she might be highly focused on that thing but this may lead to functional fixedness. He/she might not be able to think creatively but try and achieve his/her goal by staying inside the box. A person might not be able to think outside the box. When a person tries to achieve his/her goal but is unable to do so he/she might be wrongly motivated and want to give up.

When working towards perfection a person has two options – either s/he achieves it or s/he looses it. This is a situation of win or loose. When a person focuses on progress s/he is determined to do a thing better than before and could think of new ideas for achieving a thing . As life changes every second a person might want to do things perfectly but a person might not want to make progress . As it is said strive for progress not perfection. A person should be highly focused in achieving his or her goals but not perfectly. As you progress more and more there may be a time where you can do that thing perfectly but a person should not first think of achieving something perfectly.

The next time you find yourself trying to be perfect shift your focus from perfection to progress and celebrate your success. Always be proud of how hard you are trying.


People see many things in their daily life. What you see, is it what you want to see or is it what you actually see? It is not rare to see people with makeup. A makeup that they make for the world to blend in. Almost all the people are two faced nowadays. They do not value the true beauty. They just want to see what would make them famous and try to copy all of that. As it is said beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. What you perceive from the environment plays a very important role in what you become as you grow.

Beauty behind the show is something from which you will know that the actual beauty is not about snapchatting or instagraming everything regularly but to remove the makeup that a person puts on after leaving his/her bed.

When you visit the nature , the beautiful colours of the flowers somewhere inside you make you feel relaxed , the smell of the fresh flowers and trees make you feel like you have been free from all those everyday tasks that make you tired. Just like that the makeup that you put on after leaving your bed can make you tired.

People generally talk about values. Those values that everyone expects in the person standing in front of them but they tend to forget that the person in front of them expects the same. Some people criticize the present generation but they tend to forget who raised them. Values just don’t come from the parents but also the people that surround them. What people need to do is be nice. Being humble and polite are the best values that anyone can ask for . People tend to judge other people based on their values or how they behave but they do not want to know the reason why they are behaving that way.

Beauty is not what you see it is the character of the person that lies inside . It is the way that the person responds in any situation. The character of the person makes him/her choose his/her level of people mostly physically because it is difficult for a person to determine a person’s mental level as soon as you meet them . Since first impression is everything for most of the people but mostly it does not determine what kind of person you are. Mental level can be determined only after being with that person atleast a few times.

Being classy is not only about dressing but the way you behave in front of the whole world but that does not mean moving around with a face covered with makeup. Be who you are and that will define your class. Be with a person of your same mental level and you can live your life happily. Mental compatibility is the most important thing in any kind of relationship say it a friendship or a commitment . What you need is class with character.

Try to see those things that are behind the show. Those things that a person does not show on his/her face. Sight behind the show. Try to understand what a person feels without him/her expressing it. Just live your life being a unique creature. Always remember you unique. There are many things that you can understand and feel in your own special way and don’t let anyone change the way you feel if you think that is the only way you could express yourself.

Live love laugh

Thank you


Single, married or comitted everyone deserves a positive lifestyle. Not only physically but also mentally. Relaxing your mind is the most important thing to do. Relaxing your mind involves 2 things

1. Relaxing it physically

2. Relaxing it mentally

Relaxing your mind physically

  1. What happens around you matters the most. The type of people you surround yourself with. How they influence your behaviour. Environment plays an important role in affecting your behaviour.
  2. First things first- you have got organise your thoughts look for what you have to do. Make a to-do list everyday and try to work according to it.
  3. Next always make a habit of getting up early and not sleeping late. Human beings need an 8 hour sleep daily as it is said early bird gets the worm .
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast. A good breakfast will put you in a good mood. Maybe a cup of coffee for all my coffee lovers. Dark brew coffee or a mocha or a cup of ginger tea for all my tea lovers.
  5. Start up with your day do your work till it’s really time to rest.
  6. Evening drinks in a limited amount to keep you fit. Alcoholic or non – alcoholic drink would make your day but drinking the right amount matters the most from sweetness to bitterness Have a good dinner and sleep .
  7. Now for all mental health related positive lifestyle wait for my next blog post.
    Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. will soon post my next blog.

    Thanks for reading.

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