How many times have you done something and regretted it just after that? Yes, regret is something every one wishes they shouldn’t have. But REGRETS ARE LESSONS FOR LIFE. Let’s take example of our school. We have attended many lessons but do we remember any of them more than the lessons we have received from our life? No! Because life lessons are something we can never forget throughout our life.

We all must have done something in our past that we don’t want to remember but ironically the more we try to forget the more we remember. The solution to this is you can never forget what happened in your past so just learn to live with it. You can’t change your past and your feelings of regret but that thing you are regretting right now must have taught you a very important lesson that you must remember throughout our life. It is wisely said “YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THOSE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU WOULD REGRET AFTER” and yes i used to say this but the truth is every single person in this world regrets something or the other even if he/she does not show it. It’s on their inside.

It’s not bad to regret something but to be aware that you don’t repeat it again and that you have learned your lesson. People change , things change , relationships change and even we change but that’s the point. We should change with the changing environment. Every one is so concerned nowadays to “fit in” whether it is high school , workplace , anywhere you go but a person forgets that people should accept them as they are because the basic behaviour of a person does not change. The personality that one person has will more or less remain the same.

Regrets are not bad they just show you that you are much stronger than what tried to break you. You are much stronger than this. Whenever you fell like quitting remember life is worth living , the day still has so much to do , the stars shine bright at night but then again they go away in the morning but the fact is they are still there but are faint. You are still here just try harder. Remember all your goals, all your achievements and everything that you want to do. You know yourself the best , love yourself first then someone else. Remember your worth. You are so much more amazing than you think you are.

Ups and downs are a part of life, so what ? Focus on all your positive and happy memories of your past and learn to live with the bad ones but yes at last it was you. Everyone makes mistakes and learn from it because they teach us a lesson. A lesson to live and a lesson to move on. Learn from your past apply it in your future and see the things will come your way accordingly. You are no less than anyone. Just believe in yourself.

Happiness is a direction not a destination. Leave alone the stereotypes. Live your life , do what you like , eat that food , go to that place just be careful. You don’t want to regret anything knowingly but even if you regret that way it’s okay just try harder and not do that again. Life is worth living and moments are worth remembering. Life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away!

Last but not the least cut out the negativity. Find your fire inside. Don’t just exist live!


Many of you must have heard this word before but what is it actually? Stereotype is invented by humans. It is not what actually people think it is. It is the tendency of humans to judge according to their perception. Humans have categorized all the things existing in this world. The two categories are Women and Men.

There are so many things in this world and we are supposed to use them as per our choice and not by the choice that the society has set for us. Our society has stereotyped many things such as colors , movies, music and much more.

People should be aware of these things and should say NO to sterotype. You should never judge or atleast try not to judge anyone because you don’t know in which situation they are and why are they reacting like that. No one is perfect not even you, so why should we judge others then? Some people develop anxiety or depression just because of this stereotyping . Everyone should say NO to stereotype.


If she is a girl she likes pink color and if he is a boy he likes blue color. You should never choose colors according to the society wear that color that makes you happy , comfortable and confident. If you are a girl and don’t like pink then there is no need to wear pink or use pink products . Similarly even a boy could like pink color there is nothing wrong in this.

If she is a girl she would watch romantic movies and if he is a boy he would watch sci- fiction movies. There are many girls who love to watch sci-fiction movies and many boys who love watching romantic movies. If she is a girl that does not means she would be scared to watch horror movies and if he is a boy then even he could be afraid to watch horror movies.

If she is a girl she would listen to love songs or soft songs and if he is a boy he would listen to pop and dj. Its not like that . Every individual has personal preference i.e. his/her playlist of their favourite songs. Anyone can listen to anything they want. Girls can hear pop and rock songs while boys can hear soft love songs.

Well let me tell you about me. I am a girl. My favourite colors are black , lavender and baby blue. I love to watch horror , fiction and fashion movies. It’s not that i don’t watch romantic movies but its not what i prefer always. I love Avengers and disney movies. The music that i hear, i just can’t describe it. I think it’s just me and when i hear music i’m just being myself.

Not based on gender people often stereotype between fair and dark. I think fair , dusky or dark look equally beautiful and should be treated equally. All we have to do is say NO TO STEREOTYPE . We should speak up because our words have so much power and our ability to do so makes it so much better.


I was born on 16th May 2003. Summer season , summer dress , ice cream , refreshing drinks and so much more. But this time when i turned 17 , it is summer season but including the quarantine season. How I planned my birthday was not exactly like this but still it was a lot of fun. MY QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY!

17th birthday is so much close to 18th. You know you can officially be an adult, get a driver’s licence and so much more( according to the rules of my country). Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned them. It can be different and we should not be sorry for them. I thought i might loose this chance of celebrating my special day but it was not like that. It was a lot of fun and it meant so much to me.

I woke up , brushed my teeth , exercised – planks , push ups , crunches, squats etc. I got caffeine i.e iced coffee that keeps me going on. I laid on my bed , checked my pinterest (follow me- Blogger Manu) . I ran some errands then had my lunch. It was pretty good veggie balls and fried rice.

I had a refreshing mocktail. My cake arrived at 6:00 pm and i had an amazing photoshoot. Lots of people wished me where as some were in their attitude which they should know i don’t care about.

My 17th Birthday cake !
I made this mocktail !


I planned so much about what would be my outfit for my special day but i ended up wearing a simple t-shirt and my go to shorts and it was pretty and comfortable. I don’t normally put on any makeup unless it’s for parties but i ended up wearing a nude brown lipcolor from colorbar. I had my nails done.

I had a snack , cleaned my room and then went stargazing on my terrace. It was grey and cloudy but i was able to see some stars but no moon. After that i had face time some of my cousins and spent some time watching movies . I went to bed at midnight but ended up sleeping at 2:00 am.

Honestly, this was not how i imagined my birthday but i enjoyed it and i will definitely remember the birthday i had in this quarantine season. And to everyone who happens to have their birthday in this quarantine i wish you a very happy birthday and may all your wishes come true. Stay safe and stay at home and celebrate your birthday indoors.

Know your Competence.

Competence or Giftedness is a gift inside us but we may have noticed the recent interest in gifted learning and education in the media. A glimpse of what the brains of some  people can do  with their ability to store large amount of information in memory. A person identified as gifted explains how his/her  experiences with formal education and the world can differ from a person who is not gifted.

The argument here is how these people wanted to be taught and how they were actually taught when they were students.  Some gifted persons show high academic success , the academic giftedtness other show solo academic success. Achievements are one reason why gifted people are interested in contributing more towards winning and towards the society.

When people know they are gifted  ,they work towards their improvement and are motivated towards achieving their goals but when they donot know they are gifted then that maybe a waste, till the time they come to know about it.
Gifted person is an innovator who always has innovation and creativity in his/her mind. He/she is curious to know more about things and are always wanting to explore.Their outcomes are not because they were lucky in any situation or it was accidental but because they have that potential in them to achieve their goal.

You can understand if a person is gifted by observing how they react to information , their behaviour towards environment.

But this is not the only trait that gifted people possess. You can recognize a gifted person by the following ways-

Extensive vocabulary

Excellent memory

Curious and asks a lot of questions

Learns rapidly

Has intense interests

Attentive for longer durations

Highly developed sense of humor

Gifted or not you must always be motivated towards working for your goals and achieving them. Even if you are not gifted you can be talented and that talent can be from one of your hobbies so you should never be sorry for yourself if you are not gifted but happy for you can be talented. Always be optimistic and that will lead you towards the greater things that life has to offer.
Life is short so enjoy it to your fullest.


Have this last bite , she said. I asked why? Everyone knows last bite is delicious. We experience many emotions everyday but we must have experienced many emotions in this quarntine. Most of us are living with our family and some of us are living alone. But today i experienced something which i will never be able to forget. In this quarntine i fought with my parents and sibling , i enjoyed with them an even spent an entire day in my room.

So it was my brunch time i know most of our sleep schedule sucks but i try to wake up early in the morning which is around 9:30 am or 10:00 am. Well i know it’s not that early but even if i wake up early i prefer brunch. My mother made CRÊPE today. Everyone in my home had their lunch by that time.

My mother brought a nutella crêpe filled with strawberries for me and a plain crêpe for herself. I had finished mine but i was hungry so i asked my mother to make one more for me. She told that the batter was over and asked me to eat the crêpe which she made for herself. At first i refused but when she said ,” I had my lunch.” i decided to eat. So i divided the crêpe in half and ate it. My mother was sitting beside me and had one bite left. She stared at me and then divided that one bite in two half bites. She gave one to me. I ate it. Then she said,” One day you will remember this half a bite.” I was touched by this statement.

Then i thought why not remember this always leave alone one day. I decided to write a blog on Half a bite. Mothers’ always do so much for us but we fail to understand their love and care. Many times they can be harsh on us but we should also embrace these little moments with our family members. There must be that one parent either your mother or your father with whom you are close. Many of us must have experienced many things like this in our lives.

In one way this quarntine has brought us close to our family members. We are lucky to have a family who has our back everytime and in every situation. Some people don’t get this. We only appreciate these things when we no longer have them.

This was my Half a bite story. I’m sure you must have your own. Share with me in the comment section if you have one. Life is short so embrace the little moments. You sure will remember them when they are long gone. Always appreciate what you have and people will appreciate youb.

Stay home and stay safe!


People or things we tend to hold onto them. What is it to hold on? Being attached to that person who don’t even care for us. Well we see this all the time. But the best advive is ” Never hold on ”

People who leave us the way we never even expect are not the one’s worth waiting for. If that person is right for you he/she would never leave you in any situation no matter what. We even hold onto things that are decaying. Move on buy new things that are better than before. We may be emotionally attached to those things but someday or the other you need to let them go. We can’t just let go of some things but this is not the case with people. People who hurt us intentionally and then pretend to be sorry just on your face , who don’t care for us , who leave us when we need them the most are the people whom we should let go .

Person or things never hold onto them. We loose people and things from time to time but that does not mean that you should focus your entire attention on them. I agree that it is difficult for us to move on and leave those things that once made us happy but holding onto them is never an option. You will just waste your time and energy without achieveing anything. Holding onto people was and will never be beneficial to anyone’s mental or physical health.

Some people would say they don’t want to do one thing(that can be anything) and continuously repeat that , but they keep on doing those things, and say no it was not meant to be like that ,are the one’s whom you should leave immediately. Never hold onto people.So why do we put ourselves through the inexplicable torture of trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t contribute to our happiness, or doesn’t help us grow anymore?

We expect that if something is wrong ,that could be right and yes that is possible and we can wait for some amount of time but not for long. It isn’t the thing. We think that the things could be same as before, the love , the loyalty , the trust but it isn’t !

Think practically why do you let someone ruin your perfect life when you could ruin it yourselves if you want in a hysterical way. Love yourself! Even ” I comes before U in english alphabets”. Think of your priorities first and about yourself because only you can help yourself to become a better person.

We also have the fear of being alone that we would not be able to find someone better , that we would be left alone. We think that if someone knows our deepest and darkest secrets he/she could blackmail us but have you ever thought that all this is leaving a major impact on your life. All this is ruining your life and if you can’t have mental peace you can never stay with that person. You will definitely find the right person at the right time. You should Live love and laugh.

You should leave the person if s/he is not letting you grow. S/he does not believe in you. S/he does not encourage you to do better in your life. If s/he demotivates you. You should take charge of your own life and you should be well aware of the fact that what you sow , so shall you reap! Always think twice before doing something or speaking something. Once the words come out of your mouth they can’t be taken back!

You deserve someone who thinks you are too important to lose. Someone can be sorry for what s/he has done but how many times do you think that you can forgive and forget? Once or even twice thats it! You should never hold on. Always try to find somebody who is most probably of equal capability as you i.e mentally. No one is perfect ,everyone has their own flaws. We should overlook some of them but not all of them.

Don’t just exist, live. Life is simply beautiful and there will be many ups and downs but we should never hold onto the bad moments but enjoy the moments that makes us happy. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that takes our breath away. Life has so much to offer then why should we hold onto people who don’t deserve us. We are all bad in someone’s story so what? We will not stop living our life the way we want to.

People come and go but the one’s that stay are the one’s that glow. Just because someone left you does not means that you were not worth staying for it means that the person who left you was not able to understand what your silence meant more than your words. Everything happens for a reason. Something good is coming your way. Life is short so NEVER HOLD ON!

How to survive a QUARANTINE without losing your MIND.

Most people are afraid of this word. They just can’t imagine their life inside their house for a whole lot of time. By keeping the present scenario in mind it is safe for us to stay at home. This may worry lots of people but it is something we should not worry about.

We have a tendency to move out of the house atleast twice a day and we cannot bear to stay inside our homes for such a long time. But we need to get over this and try to utilise our time and not stress over it.

There are many things we can do, learn and teach others too. You can schedule your entire day the way you want to or I can schedule it for you . You can add onto the things you do. I am just creating a basic idea for you.

This schedule can be followed by people of any age and specially teenagers. If you are a parent you can style your child’s life or you can give them the idea about how they can utilise their day positively. Even a parent can style his/her life accordingly.


You can wake up early so that you can be productive for the entire day. Sitting with your mobiles for the entire day is definitely not good for your health. Make yourself useful.

2. Make your bed and clean your house.

Nowadays it’s not about women who should do all the work. Men in the house should make themselves useful. All the members of the family can divide the work and clean the house, cook food, water the plants and any other work that is supposed to be done . With the help of the entire family work is done faster. If you live alone, there will be less work for you and you can do it yourself. TIP: ALWAYS PLAY THE MUSIC WHILE DOING THIS KIND OF WORK. YOU WILL DEFINITELY ENJOY DOING IT!


If you are a student you can study online for some time because education is super important and it can be taken at any time.


If you work online or you are working from your home you can do it after your cleaning job ( the part of job you are doing in your family). If you have no work to do you can look online for what’s going on in the world. Watch education programmes because education does not considers age . You can get educated at any point in your life but basic education that is the degrees that you get should be completed with time because your future depends on it.


You can enjoy on your mobiles , watch movies, use social media , surf the internet , get creative , follow boards on pinterest or tumblr. Follow me on pinterest – Blogger Manu


Eat your meals on time. Eat healthy food. Eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner properly. Eat snacks in between but try to eat more on the healthy side. Give your body the nutrition it deserves.


You have to excercise if you want a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. By excercising our body releases hormones that are endorphins and these hormones have the tendency to make us happier. A healthy body has a healthy mind and a healthy mind is a creative mind.

Do any pending work that is to be done and then you can do your favourite pass time or even better follow your goals or make new hobbies . Find the special factor in yourself and work towards it. Everyone has different hobbies and you can pass your time doing that.

There must be many schedules that guides us not to use our mobiles or watch televison that much but that is not practically possible . But the schedule mentioned here is definitely practical and possible.


Last but not the least sleep on time. Schedule your sleep . No one likes puffy eyes . A person functions better if s/he had a proper sleep i.e. atleast eight hours of sleep and you should definitely sleep on time and not late so that you could wake up early and make yourself useful. If you would be working you would definitely follow timings according to that. But as for now i would recommend you to sleep at 12 i.e midnight or if it gets late then at 1:00 am and get up at 9:00 am . You would still have so much time to make yourself useful.

Don’t let Quarantine bother you. Stay at home and stay safe. Make the most of your day.

Life may not be happily ever after but it surely has happy days.

Life. What is it? People have different definitions of life. Life is surely short. Try and make the most of it. Everyday is a new begining. We learn from our past , apply it in our present to make our future better. Life is not easy. It isn’t a bed of roses , thorns come every week. Life may not be happily ever after but it surely has happy days.

We experience many things in our life and life is full of emotions. We donot know what will happen next. So we should always live in the present and enjoy what is going around us. Some situations may be difficult but they are not permanent. Every problem has a solution. We should think positive and try to deal with the situations with a positive mind.

Memories leave a deep impact on our lives. Some may be pleasant while some may be depressing or unpleasant. We tend to remember the pleasant ones for life long but unpleasnt memories have a tendency to pop up at any time and can spoil your mood. But memories are always a thing of past so how we deal with them matters the most. Our past does not defines us it prepares us. We can’t change our memories but we have to learn to live with them and be storng on the inside.

We can change our present situation if we work for it.Life always has happy days and one can make each day happy by seeing the positive side of everything. For some people life may be happily ever after and for some it may be not. In both the situations life has happy days. Love to live your life. Life is a gift which is given once and try to make the most of it. We cannot get everything in our life but we should be happy with what we have.

People prefer different things which make them happy. Every individual has different choices , tastes and preferences. Here is a list of things (not in any particular order) which i enjoy doing. Many people may like these things while others may not but you can make your own list and play accordingly.

The Beach

  • It is calm and beautiful
  • Peaceful
  • Natural beauty
  • Enjoy beautiful summer drinks

Ice cream

Many people have different choices with food and desserts but if someone asked me what would i choose it would definitely be ice cream. I have a sweet tooth but i definitely love fast food.


Not only me but many people would love to watch their favourite series on netflix according to their tastes and preferences. But if someone asked me it would definitely be 13 reasons why


Reading books has many benifits. It can be your favourite pass time and on the other hand it even educates you and provides you information depending upon the type of books you read. For me i read books that are related to business , fashion , psychology and fiction.


Walking not only gives you a good health but it is also good for spending time alone or with your loved ones. For me i like to walk in fresh air listening to my favourite music.


Everyone loves to listen to music. Be it pop , classical , hip hop etc. Everyone has different choices. Make your own playlist and listen to it. Enjoy your life.

Day out and long drives

Everyone needs a holiday. When you work for long hours and tire yourself out you definitely need a vacation but taking a holiday is a day off. Everyone needs a vacation be it a working person or a house wife , students or people working online. Day out is literally pampering yourself. Eating your favourite food , watching a movie , massages , therapy , long drives whatever makes you happy.


For people who like shopping should go to their favourite shopping spots but as for me i like to shop at malls where there is a variety of showrooms and variety of different brands. Shopping releases stress.

These are the things that make me happy and many people would even like these things . You can create your own list and enjoy the things that you like and that make you happy. You can even try these things out and i promise that you would definitely enjoy these. Have a wonderful life and make the most of it. You only get one life to live and live it the way that lifr starts loving you. Have a wonderful day.

10 STARBUCKS Most Trending and Delicious drinks

Everyone must have been to starbucks or heard of it. There are many trending starbucks drinks that are appealing to look at and delicious to drink. There are even tik toks made by baristas and new drinks that are added on to the starbucks site.

Here i present 10 most trending drinks with their recipies if it is not on their menu and on the “Secret Menu”


  • Vanilla Bean Frappuccino
  • Add freeze dried whole blackberries
  • Line the cup with green mixed drizzle (recipe below)
  • Top with whipped cream and additional drizzle or matcha powder

Drizzle Recipe:

  • 8 pumps of white mocha sauce
  • 3 pumps toasted coconut syrup
  • 3 heaping scoops of matcha
  • Mix in pitcher until smooth and pour into gravity bottle

2. Mocha Cookie Frappuchino

  • Cookie crumble frap
  • No mocha syrup
  • Substitute white mocha

3. Sunrise Frappuchino

  • Strawberry puree
  • Coconut milk
  • Peach juice
  • 3 scoops golden ginger powder
  • Vanilla bean
  • Creme base
  • Blend
  • Strawberry puree drizzle in cup

4. Sunset Lemonade

  • Guava juice
  • Lemonade

5. Best Iced Coffee

  • Order a iced coffee
  • 3 pumps caramel
  • 3 pumps vanilla
  • With creme
  • Caramel drizzle

6.Strawberry Acai Lemonade

  • Strawberry acai
  • Lemonade
  • 3 scoops strawberry
  • 3 scoops dragon fruit
  • 3 scoops berries
  • Creme base
  • Blend

7. Strawberry acai

  • Strawberry acai
  • Milk of choice
  • Ice
  • Creme base
  • 2 scoops vanilla bean powder
  • Blend

8. Double Chocolate Chip Frappuchino

  • Double chocolate chip frappuchino
  • Cookie crumble chips instead of java chips
  • 1 pump hazelnut
  • Caramel drizzle

9. Noah’s Drink

  • In a cup add
  • 7 pumps classic
  • 2 and 1/2 pumps raspberry
  • Lemonade
  • Ice
  • Strawberry acai at the top

10. It Frappuchino

  • Milk
  • 4 scoops vanilla bean powder
  • Creme base
  • Ice
  • Blend
  • Strawberry puree in cup and on top


Christmas is on the way. Many preparations are to be done. So here’s the christmas blog. Christmas is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ . Since we all are excited before christmas , we start the preparations early . Here i present a christmas bucket list to make your christmas a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

1. Christmas tree

Get your christmas tree ready. Bring new ornaments if needed and decorate your christmas tree as soon as possible.

2. Fairy lights

Since we all like a shiny christmas decorate your room and your christmas tree with a whole lot fairy lights .

3. Candles

Winters and christmas go hand in hand . Prepare your hot chocolate and get scented candles to make your home smell wonderful during christmas.

4. Gifts

Don’t wrap your gifts in a plain wrapping sheet. Try wrapping it all in a christmas theme. The person who will receive the gift will be impressed.

Some gift ideas

a. Hot chocolate in a jar

b. Scented candles

c. Chocolates

d. Christmas cake

e. Gift cards

5. Christmas cake

Since it is christmas we cannot forget about a christmas cake. Buy or make a beautiful christmas cake and share it with your family and friends.

6. Wine

Christmas cannot be completed without wines . Select wonderful flavours of wine rich in taste and you will have the best christmas ever. Whether it is Christmas lunch or dinner you’re preparing, there’s no doubt it will be a festive meal. Consequently, wines you choose should also be special.

7. Clothes

Shop the best clothes. Search for recent fashion and trendy dresses to light up your wadrobe and to shine on christmas eve.

8. We cannot forget about the most important part of christmas – Santa Claus . We all must have believed in santa claus at a point of time. Since each and every person enjoys meeting santa , go out and enjoy the freshness of nature where many santa are distributing happiness and chocolate.

You all can find all the ideas for cakes , clothes , candles , gift wrapping , hot chocolate and everything mentioned above on my pinterest. Follow me @Blogger Manu

New year blog will be soon posted. What would you like to read?

1. New year bucket list.


2. New year resolutions.