Laughter of the Soul.


Well I guess life is unpredictable. Every time I think of doing something it goes way opposite of what I thought. I have been trying so hard to get my life back together , being productive , dealing with things but I guess that is just not enough. I am finally tired and resign from being perfect all the time and showing people that I have my shit together. Well guess what I am enjoying my way not being perfect and less productive , binge watching gossip girl and learning a lot. I never had a thing for gossips and I don’t like being in anyone else’s business but recently I find a lot of people in my business. Well gossip girl is not all about gossips but a way to change your lifestyle for good and upgrade from the same old. Laughter of the soul is a way to live your life happier and without expectations. Every one says ” you can’t control what happens in our life” but I am finally reminding myself everyday the same. I have been through a lot and I have learned a lot.

There are a lot of things I have learned and observed over the course of time but let me just start by saying I have upgraded a lot of fashion in my wadrobe and jewellery is just the best part of it. I am always up and ready to go and buy more jewellery. I see people hating on me and bitching behind my back because I have come so far but it doesn’t matter to me. It’s all about the laughter of my soul. I am happy for being me, and grateful that I get to own the pieces from new season and collections that I love. I am grateful for a lot of things but I am going to talk about them later on.

Laughter of my soul is in watching Netflix till I have a headache or maybe it’s the caffeine, well I don’t know. While framing this I guess it’s definitely the caffeine. There are many other things that are making my soul laugh after what I have been through in a long time. I have been attending my university online and can’t wait to attend offline classes. The thought of going to shop for things that I will be needing and definitely clothes for the new season it’s going to be a lot of fun. Spam alert- I have a new obsession – shoes and that definitely include heels. Well looking back at my previous obsessions those include if u don’t know – watches , shades and perfumes and something that can’t be bought includes views from Islands and Sunsets, I thought were enough but we are always evolving and so does our needs and obsessions. I just think that we shouldn’t let those obsessions eat us alive or get into our way to happiness if at sometime they are taken away.

I have learnt a lot about honoring my past and moving on with my life. Cut to the chase at last it’s about making my soul laugh. Every little thing can make us happy if we are bold enough to see it. Eating my favorite food , having a good hair day , talking to my mom who by the way gives great advice , just going through pinterest and discovering what’s good for me , is what I look for most of the days. I thought hanging out with my friends made my soul laugh but I discovered they were betraying me behind my back, Classic them! but that does not bother me anymore because I don’t entertain useless people in my life now. Well I still have some friends on whom I can count on. Music is something that I can always count on. I listen to the music that makes me feel powerful and confident while on the other hand I have playlists according to every mood that I might be in. If anyone is wondering I have public playlist on Spotify – Manu Kaur also linked in my home page. Listening to music takes me to a different place and it has a huge impact in my life. Creating scenarios in my head that might never be true but yes it makes me happy just thinking about it and at last it is all about making my soul laugh.

My idea about the laughter of my soul is announcing that I will be releasing my printable digital journal soon and also releasing my workshop for topics that are secret for now. I am really grateful for everything in my life because I have learned a lot. My journal is all about maintaining your lifestyle and also upgrading it on the way. It’s all about being grateful for what we have and working on what we want to achieve. It can be printed and will be available in the form of a pdf. Well I hope we all find the laughter of our soul maybe in a person or in our favorite product. Well I can’t say I found the laughter of my soul in a person but that is just fine with me. NOT TODAY BUT SOMEDAY.

What’s After A Breakup?

Nobody knows the answer to this question but what everyone is interested in is how to get over the pain and hurt. But our life has more to offer rather than just getting over the person. Maybe we can just try to live with it , or move on in our own time or just focus on our life. Whatever the answer is it should be for our own good.

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Do we ever want to move to a university or college without being prepared? There are so many things that are important for us to take to our dorms / hostel. Without further ado there are two lists that you need to follow- 1. Mandatory items , 2. Maybe if you want items / Not to bring items.

Mandatory Items


If you are sharing communal bathrooms or have a personal bathroom you need these bathroom essentials cause those bathrooms can not be clean enough.

  • Bathrobe – cause towels tend to slip down and you don’t want to flash anyone.
  • Shower caddy – to carry all your self care products. CAN BE A SOFT CADDY OR A BASKET but soft caddy is easier to carry.
  • Shower slipper / flip flops – cause floors of the bathroom are not very clean.
  • Laundry basket – to carry all your dirty clothes. CAN BE A CARRY ON OR A BASKET but a carry on is easier to carry on your back.


You can either have a personal room or share your room. In both the cases you need some freaking essential items.

  • Bed riser – dorm / hostel beds are not at all comfortable , bed risers is the solution to this.
  • Mirror with lights – dorm lighting is not the best and not all dorms have mirrors so having a small mirror with lights helps a lot.
  • Lampshade / fairy lights – there might be only natural lighting in your dorm while the electrical lighting might not be bright enough so having one lampshade always help.
  • Containers – to store products cause dorm rooms might not have that much space to put everything separately.
  • Hangers – to hang your clothes.


You do not need that much of appliances firstly because they may not be allowed and secondly there might not be enough space to store those but what you can bring and get is-

  • Electric kettle- you can do so much with it. You can make warm water , tea , coffee , ramen , maggie and much more.
  • Blender – if you like to have have cold drinks like coffee , milkshakes , frappe etc.

Maybe if you want items / Not to bring items

There are some items that are not necessary but can help your stay in your dorm.

  • Mini fridge – this helps if you want to keep drinks cold or like having snacks that need to be refrigerated. Eg- yogurt , popsicles , coffee and much more.
  • Hobbies – do not bring all your hobbies in your dorm room cause you will not be having time to do all those things but you can bring any one in case you are bored.
  • No extra appliances – do not bring any more appliances like a microwave. You will not be needing it and most probably it would be available in your hostel .

That is all you need to take to your dorm. If there is anything else then you can drop that in the comments down below and stay tuned for my next episode of University / College guide 101. Follow all my socials.

Welcome to Adulthood !

University / College Guide 101.

I am making this series for all my university and college students who may be in the freshman , sophmore , junior or senior year in university or college. Let me tell you something about me i will be a freshman in college this year. I am very much excited and also nervous as i have manage my own finances from now on. This series is going to help students to have a successful life in university / college and also giving tips for social life. Welcome to Adulthood is the first episode for basic college essentials.

As we step into adulthood we have a lot more things on our plate that we need to take care of. Being adults also comes with many responsibilities. We need to manage our studies , jobs , finance , social life and most importantly our mental health.

University / College Essentials.

1. Laptop

Laptop is the most important for university / college. It is useful for making projects , taking notes , saving papers and for examination. It is of such much use and comes handy all the time.

2. Notebooks

Some professors may not allow to take notes on laptop. So notebooks comes in handy. It is useful for taking notes , writing about projects and much more.

3. Stationary

The basic stationary that you need is black pens , blue pens , brush pens that are dual sided with markers on one side , highlighter , post it notes , stapler , pencils , eraser , scale and pouch to keep that all in.

4. Emergency Pouch

Trust me an emergency pouch always comes in handy. You can fill your’s with gums , bands , mask, medicine (headache + stomachache) , wipes , tampons , pads , perfume and basically anything you need.

5. Planner

We have so many things to do on our own since this is our first step towards adulthood. Having a planner is always helpful to plan out things in advance. It is essential to mark important dates in advance such as an interview for an internship , deadline for projects , etc.

6. Airpods / Earphones

These will come in handy when you need to watch a video or listen to music when you move between classes.

7. Wallet and Shades

To carry cash and cards and also to protect your eyes from UV rays.

8. Bagpack

Last but not the least you need a bagpack to keep all these items in. You can get a stylish yet a multi-pocketed bag. Also you will need a hydro flask or water bottle to keep you hydrated for the day.

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Beyond the Horizon.

Ending with a period (.) can be really dramatic and so is my life. So is everyone’s life. Every person has a different level of crazy but mine tends to be different. Beyond the horizon talks about beyond what you can’t see.

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How to be “THAT” Person? Girl/Boy

We all have our ideal self in our mind. We want to become “THAT” person. The question that bothers us is how are we going to become that person? I say , that we need to be confident that we can become that person. Wake up as “THAT” person everyday. Think of the qualities that “THAT” person has. Do everything they would. Basically the life of “THAT” Person is a PINTEREST BOARD. They live that life.

Here is what you can do to be “THAT” person

1. Wake up early

No matter what, wake up early. This means you need to have atleast 8 hours of sleep. You can’t be awake till 4:00 am and wake up at 6:00 am and say that you are becoming “THAT” person. If you are doing some work or being productive at night then it is fine but you shouldn’t do it everyday. Once in a while works. You have to go to bed early to wake up early and be ready for your day.

2. Make your bed

After you wake up the first thing you should do is make your bed so there would be less chances of you going back to it. If you make your bed you would want to be productive and do something with your day instead of just wasting your time and scrolling the internet on your bed.

3. Exercise

For being productive you need to keep your body fit. When you move your body, your energy shifts and you feel positive and good about yourself. You need a healthy body to become “THAT” person.

Move your body , move your energy

4. Journal

Write down your thoughts. You should know what are you dealing with. Journaling calms your mind and you would be clear about your ideal self and what you want in life. What changes you need to make in your current life so that you can become “THAT” person.

5. Be productive

Get your favourite drink. It can be tea/ coffee. For me it is iced coffee. If you study then you can start studying. If you own a business or you are an employee then you can start with your work. Be your own boss. But remember Bosses were once employees.

Be your own Boss!

Manu Kaur

6. Comfy Outfits

Get dressed. Make sure your outfits are comfortable but make those comfortable outfits confident. Add jewellery pieces to your outfit. Check out @ jewels_by_manu on instagram for trendy clothes and jewellery. You have to wear something that makes you productive. If you are dressed then you would want to work. This way you will get your work done on time.

7. Lunch / Dinner

Eat healthy lunch / dinner and on time. You can have cheat days in between but try to eat healthy most if the days. If you have the habit of snacking like me then try to have healthy snacks like carrots and humus or banana and peanut butter any thing that you find interesting and tasty.

8. Self care

Self care is the most important thing in your life. If you want to be “THAT” person then you need to take care of your body and mind. You can have a simple self care routine like washing your face and mositurizing it or you can use face masks and all that good stuff like serums and essential oils.

9. Night routine

Set yourself with a night routine. The things you repeat before going to bed everyday. Like washing your face and toes. Leave your phone, 1 hour before you go to bed. Basically it can be anything that you like.

10. Self improvement

Know where you are today and keep in mind where you want to be. Your future is in your hands. Make it or destroy it. Observe your self everyday. Know where you are going. Upgrade yourself. Learn new courses. Introduce a new product. Improve yourself to improve your life.

Take life easy. Do everything you like. Go on that date, Take that road, Wear that dress. A little adventure will not kill you. Observe your surroundings. Be what you want. Make your life the way you want it. Meet new people. Expand your circle. The world is full of beautiful things. Look beyond what you can see.

Bling Bling Bling !

We have to get ready, go outside and have a perfect outfit on but something is missing. We wonder why ? Where is the shine ? Where is the style? How can i make my outfit chic?
The answer to all this is ‘bling’. We need jwellery in our lives as much as we need water to survive. Jwellery just adds that extra feel to an outfit. Whether going out or staying at home, we can wear jwellery to lift our mood. There are wonderful pieces everywhere. Find your aesthetic at Jewels by Manu’s blog.

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Be a boss lady and go out with style and conquer the world. The world is in your arms. We have many things to wear just add bling to it . How can we forget about pearls that give us an elegant look.

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13 keys to Success

How can you be successful? These habits of successful people is what makes them successful. Today, i will share 13 keys to success. This is what you can do in your life to totally turn it around. You are the master of your own life and nobody except you get’s to decide it for you.

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1. Define what success means to you.

Every person has a different meaning of success. Some people like a fast pace life in which they are continuously working while some people like a slow pace life. No one is wrong here. We all are different from each other and we all want different things. There are version of success that people want us to follow , given by society , parents or our peers. But we should know what success means for us. There are two types of success-

  1. Internal sucess- The success we feel inside us. That yes, when we are able to achieve what we want. That internal success that makes us happy.
  2. External success – The monetary kind of success. Being successful on the outside. Having that abundance, having money and cars and everything according to your vision of success.

2. Control your mindset.

Have a positive mindset. Always be able to control your emotions and do not let your emotions control you. Change your perspective of viewing things. Try out different perspectives and choose the one that suits you. Become aware of your negative thoughts. Then only you would be able to control your emotions. Learn to take control of your mind.

3. Follow your intution.

Follow your heart and your intution. Our intution tells us what we want to do deep down. How do we want to live. Do what you are curious to do. Do not follow what other people say. Develop your habits of writing a jounal or meditating.

4. Believe in yourself.

Trust your vision and be confident. If you see yourself setting a goal , then work for it till you achieve it. Trust the process. Trust your vision. Fake it till you make it. Always act like what you would do if you were what you wanted to be. Say it out loud to other people until it feels true.

5. Act despite fear.

If you are in your comfort zone, you will not be able to achieve anything. Step outside your comfort zone and take the risk. Face your problems. Without failure there will be no success. Always stand tall and face your problems . When you will act despite your fear you would have conquered have of the journey.

6. Willingness to learn.

Always be willing to learn and figure out your problems. Learn a new skill. Always be willing to learn and never think you know enough. There is always going to be something that you don’t know. So keep on educating yourself.

7. Take action.

Successful people take action. Always take action and be responsible for your actions. You will always get a feedback on how you act and take action about what you want to do. It can be a positive or a negative feedback.

  1. Positive feedback would be something good for you. Your appraisal and what people like about you.
  2. Negative feedback would be something even better because that will help you improve yourself. The next time you do something will be much better than the last time.

8. Learn continuously.

Always learn continuously. Read books, articles , blogs etc. Absorb all the knowledge that you can. Stay humble and don’t think that you know everything. There is always something new to learn.

9. Be a professional.

Always be a professional. How would you act if you were a professional. Take actions and behave like one even if you are not. Always invest in yourself. Take that knowledge and invest in courses so you can become one in your field. There are many people who are thinking about setting a goal. Only the smaller amount are setting and starting their goals and the smallest amount of people are completing their goals.

10. Be consistent.

Consistency is the key. If you want to achieve anything in life or want to be successful you need to be consistent. Take baby steps everyday. Develop your habits as they take time. What you are doing everyday will contribute what you are going to be in your future. If you leave anything in between you will not be able to get anywhere. If you want to move forward in life and want to achieve anything you have to have consistency in your life.

11. Be Committed.

Commitment is the key. Stay focused on your long term goals. Always have faith in yourself that you will be able to achieve them and do not quit. I repeat do not quit. There will be obstacles in your path but don’t let them stop you. Staying focused towards your goals will help you achieve a lot of things. This will keep you motivated to achieve a lot of other things too.

12. Positive habits.

All the successful people i know have a lot of positive habits that they do everyday. Develop self care habits like journaling , meditating and exercising. This keeps you satisfied and in a positive mindset. It takes time to levrage these habits. For example- when you were a child your mother taught you to brush your teeth. Now everyday you wake up , you brush your teeth and do not wait until you complete your task. Developing positive habits and devlopin new skills always makes us feel good and gives us a feeling of accomplishment.

13. Connect together.

Successful people grow together and connect together. They share their knowledge and keep moving forward. Join masterminds in your field, share your knowledge with them. This will help you both to grow together. If you want to go fast go alone, if you want to go far go together.