Laughter of the Soul.

Well I guess life is unpredictable. Every time I think of doing something it goes way opposite of what I thought. I have been trying so hard to get my life back together , being productive , dealing with things but I guess that is just not enough. I am finally tired and resign fromContinue reading “Laughter of the Soul.”

How to be “THAT” Person? Girl/Boy

We all have our ideal self in our mind. We want to become “THAT” person. The question that bothers us is how are we going to become that person? I say , that we need to be confident that we can become that person. Wake up as “THAT” person everyday. Think of the qualities thatContinue reading “How to be “THAT” Person? Girl/Boy”

Relationship advice from an 18 year old teenager.

So what the hell is a relationship? You know you might have read so many things about being in a perfect relationship or how to get someone to like you. You must have read about many famous psychologists telling you all about relationships. But that is all what you hear about perfect relationships. But takeContinue reading “Relationship advice from an 18 year old teenager.”

30 Cake Flavours.

We all have a favorite cake flavour. But when someone asks us to choose one we might be a little indecisive. Most of us don’t know that there are a variety of flavours one can choose from. To make your life a little easier here are 30 cake flavours to choose from and make yourContinue reading “30 Cake Flavours.”

15 Indian McDonald’s Food you need to try!

Mouth starts watering when we hear fast food. Fast food is basically our comfort food that we can keep on eating and what’s compared to one of the biggest fast food chains Mcdonald’s. We all must have tried some or the other things but Indian McDonald’s has a large variety of vegetarian options that areContinue reading “15 Indian McDonald’s Food you need to try!”