Laughter of the Soul.


Well I guess life is unpredictable. Every time I think of doing something it goes way opposite of what I thought. I have been trying so hard to get my life back together , being productive , dealing with things but I guess that is just not enough. I am finally tired and resign from being perfect all the time and showing people that I have my shit together. Well guess what I am enjoying my way not being perfect and less productive , binge watching gossip girl and learning a lot. I never had a thing for gossips and I don’t like being in anyone else’s business but recently I find a lot of people in my business. Well gossip girl is not all about gossips but a way to change your lifestyle for good and upgrade from the same old. Laughter of the soul is a way to live your life happier and without expectations. Every one says ” you can’t control what happens in our life” but I am finally reminding myself everyday the same. I have been through a lot and I have learned a lot.

There are a lot of things I have learned and observed over the course of time but let me just start by saying I have upgraded a lot of fashion in my wadrobe and jewellery is just the best part of it. I am always up and ready to go and buy more jewellery. I see people hating on me and bitching behind my back because I have come so far but it doesn’t matter to me. It’s all about the laughter of my soul. I am happy for being me, and grateful that I get to own the pieces from new season and collections that I love. I am grateful for a lot of things but I am going to talk about them later on.

Laughter of my soul is in watching Netflix till I have a headache or maybe it’s the caffeine, well I don’t know. While framing this I guess it’s definitely the caffeine. There are many other things that are making my soul laugh after what I have been through in a long time. I have been attending my university online and can’t wait to attend offline classes. The thought of going to shop for things that I will be needing and definitely clothes for the new season it’s going to be a lot of fun. Spam alert- I have a new obsession – shoes and that definitely include heels. Well looking back at my previous obsessions those include if u don’t know – watches , shades and perfumes and something that can’t be bought includes views from Islands and Sunsets, I thought were enough but we are always evolving and so does our needs and obsessions. I just think that we shouldn’t let those obsessions eat us alive or get into our way to happiness if at sometime they are taken away.

I have learnt a lot about honoring my past and moving on with my life. Cut to the chase at last it’s about making my soul laugh. Every little thing can make us happy if we are bold enough to see it. Eating my favorite food , having a good hair day , talking to my mom who by the way gives great advice , just going through pinterest and discovering what’s good for me , is what I look for most of the days. I thought hanging out with my friends made my soul laugh but I discovered they were betraying me behind my back, Classic them! but that does not bother me anymore because I don’t entertain useless people in my life now. Well I still have some friends on whom I can count on. Music is something that I can always count on. I listen to the music that makes me feel powerful and confident while on the other hand I have playlists according to every mood that I might be in. If anyone is wondering I have public playlist on Spotify – Manu Kaur also linked in my home page. Listening to music takes me to a different place and it has a huge impact in my life. Creating scenarios in my head that might never be true but yes it makes me happy just thinking about it and at last it is all about making my soul laugh.

My idea about the laughter of my soul is announcing that I will be releasing my printable digital journal soon and also releasing my workshop for topics that are secret for now. I am really grateful for everything in my life because I have learned a lot. My journal is all about maintaining your lifestyle and also upgrading it on the way. It’s all about being grateful for what we have and working on what we want to achieve. It can be printed and will be available in the form of a pdf. Well I hope we all find the laughter of our soul maybe in a person or in our favorite product. Well I can’t say I found the laughter of my soul in a person but that is just fine with me. NOT TODAY BUT SOMEDAY.

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