Do we ever want to move to a university or college without being prepared? There are so many things that are important for us to take to our dorms / hostel. Without further ado there are two lists that you need to follow- 1. Mandatory items , 2. Maybe if you want items / Not to bring items.

Mandatory Items


If you are sharing communal bathrooms or have a personal bathroom you need these bathroom essentials cause those bathrooms can not be clean enough.

  • Bathrobe – cause towels tend to slip down and you don’t want to flash anyone.
  • Shower caddy – to carry all your self care products. CAN BE A SOFT CADDY OR A BASKET but soft caddy is easier to carry.
  • Shower slipper / flip flops – cause floors of the bathroom are not very clean.
  • Laundry basket – to carry all your dirty clothes. CAN BE A CARRY ON OR A BASKET but a carry on is easier to carry on your back.


You can either have a personal room or share your room. In both the cases you need some freaking essential items.

  • Bed riser – dorm / hostel beds are not at all comfortable , bed risers is the solution to this.
  • Mirror with lights – dorm lighting is not the best and not all dorms have mirrors so having a small mirror with lights helps a lot.
  • Lampshade / fairy lights – there might be only natural lighting in your dorm while the electrical lighting might not be bright enough so having one lampshade always help.
  • Containers – to store products cause dorm rooms might not have that much space to put everything separately.
  • Hangers – to hang your clothes.


You do not need that much of appliances firstly because they may not be allowed and secondly there might not be enough space to store those but what you can bring and get is-

  • Electric kettle- you can do so much with it. You can make warm water , tea , coffee , ramen , maggie and much more.
  • Blender – if you like to have have cold drinks like coffee , milkshakes , frappe etc.

Maybe if you want items / Not to bring items

There are some items that are not necessary but can help your stay in your dorm.

  • Mini fridge – this helps if you want to keep drinks cold or like having snacks that need to be refrigerated. Eg- yogurt , popsicles , coffee and much more.
  • Hobbies – do not bring all your hobbies in your dorm room cause you will not be having time to do all those things but you can bring any one in case you are bored.
  • No extra appliances – do not bring any more appliances like a microwave. You will not be needing it and most probably it would be available in your hostel .

That is all you need to take to your dorm. If there is anything else then you can drop that in the comments down below and stay tuned for my next episode of University / College guide 101. Follow all my socials.

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