Welcome to Adulthood !

University / College Guide 101.

I am making this series for all my university and college students who may be in the freshman , sophmore , junior or senior year in university or college. Let me tell you something about me i will be a freshman in college this year. I am very much excited and also nervous as i have manage my own finances from now on. This series is going to help students to have a successful life in university / college and also giving tips for social life. Welcome to Adulthood is the first episode for basic college essentials.

As we step into adulthood we have a lot more things on our plate that we need to take care of. Being adults also comes with many responsibilities. We need to manage our studies , jobs , finance , social life and most importantly our mental health.

University / College Essentials.

1. Laptop

Laptop is the most important for university / college. It is useful for making projects , taking notes , saving papers and for examination. It is of such much use and comes handy all the time.

2. Notebooks

Some professors may not allow to take notes on laptop. So notebooks comes in handy. It is useful for taking notes , writing about projects and much more.

3. Stationary

The basic stationary that you need is black pens , blue pens , brush pens that are dual sided with markers on one side , highlighter , post it notes , stapler , pencils , eraser , scale and pouch to keep that all in.

4. Emergency Pouch

Trust me an emergency pouch always comes in handy. You can fill your’s with gums , bands , mask, medicine (headache + stomachache) , wipes , tampons , pads , perfume and basically anything you need.

5. Planner

We have so many things to do on our own since this is our first step towards adulthood. Having a planner is always helpful to plan out things in advance. It is essential to mark important dates in advance such as an interview for an internship , deadline for projects , etc.

6. Airpods / Earphones

These will come in handy when you need to watch a video or listen to music when you move between classes.

7. Wallet and Shades

To carry cash and cards and also to protect your eyes from UV rays.

8. Bagpack

Last but not the least you need a bagpack to keep all these items in. You can get a stylish yet a multi-pocketed bag. Also you will need a hydro flask or water bottle to keep you hydrated for the day.

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