What’s After A Breakup?

Nobody knows the answer to this question but what everyone is interested in is how to get over the pain and hurt. But our life has more to offer rather than just getting over the person. Maybe we can just try to live with it , or move on in our own time or justContinue reading “What’s After A Breakup?”


Do we ever want to move to a university or college without being prepared? There are so many things that are important for us to take to our dorms / hostel. Without further ado there are two lists that you need to follow- 1. Mandatory items , 2. Maybe if you want items / NotContinue reading “DORM ESSENTIALS”

Welcome to Adulthood !

University / College Guide 101. I am making this series for all my university and college students who may be in the freshman , sophmore , junior or senior year in university or college. Let me tell you something about me i will be a freshman in college this year. I am very much excitedContinue reading “Welcome to Adulthood !”