How to be “THAT” Person? Girl/Boy

We all have our ideal self in our mind. We want to become “THAT” person. The question that bothers us is how are we going to become that person? I say , that we need to be confident that we can become that person. Wake up as “THAT” person everyday. Think of the qualities that “THAT” person has. Do everything they would. Basically the life of “THAT” Person is a PINTEREST BOARD. They live that life.

Here is what you can do to be “THAT” person

1. Wake up early

No matter what, wake up early. This means you need to have atleast 8 hours of sleep. You can’t be awake till 4:00 am and wake up at 6:00 am and say that you are becoming “THAT” person. If you are doing some work or being productive at night then it is fine but you shouldn’t do it everyday. Once in a while works. You have to go to bed early to wake up early and be ready for your day.

2. Make your bed

After you wake up the first thing you should do is make your bed so there would be less chances of you going back to it. If you make your bed you would want to be productive and do something with your day instead of just wasting your time and scrolling the internet on your bed.

3. Exercise

For being productive you need to keep your body fit. When you move your body, your energy shifts and you feel positive and good about yourself. You need a healthy body to become “THAT” person.

Move your body , move your energy

4. Journal

Write down your thoughts. You should know what are you dealing with. Journaling calms your mind and you would be clear about your ideal self and what you want in life. What changes you need to make in your current life so that you can become “THAT” person.

5. Be productive

Get your favourite drink. It can be tea/ coffee. For me it is iced coffee. If you study then you can start studying. If you own a business or you are an employee then you can start with your work. Be your own boss. But remember Bosses were once employees.

Be your own Boss!

Manu Kaur

6. Comfy Outfits

Get dressed. Make sure your outfits are comfortable but make those comfortable outfits confident. Add jewellery pieces to your outfit. Check out @ jewels_by_manu on instagram for trendy clothes and jewellery. You have to wear something that makes you productive. If you are dressed then you would want to work. This way you will get your work done on time.

7. Lunch / Dinner

Eat healthy lunch / dinner and on time. You can have cheat days in between but try to eat healthy most if the days. If you have the habit of snacking like me then try to have healthy snacks like carrots and humus or banana and peanut butter any thing that you find interesting and tasty.

8. Self care

Self care is the most important thing in your life. If you want to be “THAT” person then you need to take care of your body and mind. You can have a simple self care routine like washing your face and mositurizing it or you can use face masks and all that good stuff like serums and essential oils.

9. Night routine

Set yourself with a night routine. The things you repeat before going to bed everyday. Like washing your face and toes. Leave your phone, 1 hour before you go to bed. Basically it can be anything that you like.

10. Self improvement

Know where you are today and keep in mind where you want to be. Your future is in your hands. Make it or destroy it. Observe your self everyday. Know where you are going. Upgrade yourself. Learn new courses. Introduce a new product. Improve yourself to improve your life.

Take life easy. Do everything you like. Go on that date, Take that road, Wear that dress. A little adventure will not kill you. Observe your surroundings. Be what you want. Make your life the way you want it. Meet new people. Expand your circle. The world is full of beautiful things. Look beyond what you can see.

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