Scents and Fragrances.

Choosing a perfume is a difficult job. Every scent has a different effect on others. It is psychologically related. The type of scent that you wear has different interpretations on a human mind. Every scent manifests a different you. Some are for confidence , some are attractive, some are seductive and much more. For choosing the right perfume you need to know it’s ingredients. If you want to know which scent to apply to be attractive or seductive or boost your confidence definitely leave a comment below or on my social media. For now here are Top 15 brands worldwide that are famous for their perfumes.

I have been personally using some of these brands and i can assure you they are worth trying and once you try you would fall in love with these scents. Some brands that i have been personally trying are (not sponsered) chanel, gucci, christian dior, versace, prada, Giorgio Armani, Paco rabanne and calvin clien.

So here are the top 15 brands of all time.

1. Chanel

2. Gucci

3. Christian Dior

4. Dolce & Gabbana

5. Versace

6. Bvlgari

7. Prada

8. Yves Saint Laurent

9. Tom Ford

10. Hermès

11. Burberry

12. Emporio Armani

13. Giorgio Armani

14. Paco Rabanne

15. Calvin Klien

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