10 Foods you need to try.

Who does not like to eat? Here are 10 foods you need to try. Some are basics while some are not. In this pandemic be careful and first make sure the food from where you are ordering is healthy and safe to eat plus the place is sanitized. Without further ado let’s get started.

1. Burger dipped in cheese

Doesn’t matter if you order a burger with meat or without it. Burger dipped in cheese is the best. It will just melt in your mouth and you will be amazed by it. All you have to do is order burger with their cheese sauce on the side. If they donot make cheese sauce ask them if they can give you melted cheese on the side.

2. Mac n cheese with barbeque chicken

We all must have tried mac n cheese and it is simply delicious. But if it has some extra goodness from brabeque chicken what can be better. It is guey and chewy. Some places may have this on their menu but if they don’t all you have to do is ask for barbeque chicken topped on mac n cheese. It is totally delicious and cheesy with all that goodness.

3. Salad bowl

Doesn’t matter if you are a vegan or not there are a variety of salad bowls from beans to chicken and from chicken till bacon. You can also choose your combination and your favourite sauces. It is healthy and amazing. You should definitely try it.

4. Margherita pizza

It is the basic pizza. Just cheese, marinara sauce, olive oil and basil. How can someone be wrong with this choice. Every place has it’s own kind of margherita pizza. It is guey, with loads of cheese and that amazing kick of marinara sauce. If you haven’t tried it till now take my advice and try it. Thank me later.

5. Taco

Want a pre dinner snack? Taco is the answer. Whether you are vegan or not there is a type of taco for everyone. From cheese till beans you can even build your own taco. You can choose a hard shell taco or a soft shell taco with the type of filling you want.

6. Loaded Fries

French fries are a perfect snack. From different variety of flavours till plain salted. Everyone likes that. But have you ever tried the loaded fries? These fries are loaded with all that cheese goodness and you can even top it of with chicken , pork or bacon with the type of sauces you want.

7. Burrito

Thinking of dinner but don’t know what to eat. Burrito is the answer. It is an healthy option filled with vegetables, rice, meat if you want , cheese, sauces. It will keep you filled up for a long time and it is totally delicious, chewy and soothing to the eyes.

8. Fried chicken

Talking of comfort food , fried chicken comes in our mind . You can’t just go wrong in that crunchy skin and juicy chicken on the inside. From mild till spicy and layered with sauces. Getting messy hands is the way to eat them. You can get them anywhere.

9. Sandwiches

Sandwiches are a perfect snack. Just add your vegetables , cheese, sauces and perfect snack to grab and go. You can get them in any cafe or you can even make them in your home.

10. Spaghetti with parmesan chicken

Spaghetti is pasta and we all must have tried it. But we should not eat it all alone it definitely needs a friend and that is the parmesan chicken. They compliment each other. Either you can have meatballs with spaghetti or parmesan chicken. It is a full meal and totally delicious.

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