Fashion Trends 2020 Spring & Summer

Here we have fashion trends 2020 for both men and women Spring & Summer. So whats the bonus here? 3 common trends and 3 special trends for both men and women which are actually wearable.

Without further ado lets get knowing the fashion trends 2020. First are the common trends i.e. for both men and women.

COMMON TRENDS – Men and Women

1. Denims

Denims are a must to have. It is always trending. It can make any outfit much better.The variety it offers is always a plus point. Blue , black , and so many other colors.

2. Joggers

Joggers are trending. It is so comfortable to wear on the go. Plus you can style it with literally anything like t-shirt , shirt etc. It looks cool to wear. You can pair it with slip on or shoes whatever you feel like.

3. Platform shoes

So we all wear shoes. These are so comfortable on the go and literally looks good with anything. But what is trending now are platform shoes to give you some height and with cool designs.

Fashion trends 2020- Women

1. Casual Floor Length Dress

Nowadays, women are all wearing short dresses, above knees with beautiful prints but What is trending? Casual floor length dresses are in again. These look so cute with some jewellery and they can be of any style or any print and you can rock it on the go.

2. Oversized puffy sleeves

Oversized puffy sleeves creates an illusion of a slimmer waist and adds an instant feminine touch to your outfit. It is a vintage trend that is back. Opt for soft colors in the sun or go wild with the black.

3. Bucket hats

Pastel bucket hats are in trend to protect you from the heat and they give your outfit a whole new look in the spring. Even when it’s not hot outside these look cute at anytime of the year. Give yourself a whole versatile look.

Fashion trends 2020- Men

1. Cuban collar shirts

Shirts are always in trend but here we are talking about cuban collar shirts. It has a distinctive collar and short sleeves that makes the real statement. It looks extra cool in shades like yellow, blue, green. You can wear bold prints or choose one solid color.

2. High waisted trousers

This trend keeps repeating itself as it is versatile. Pair it with a tucked in t-shirt or an open shirt. Wear it in any shade and you can rock it all year around. You can keep it casual or professional.

3. Open shirts

Flatter everyone with those open shirts that could be worn all year around. You can pair it with rugged jeans or high waisted trousers. It gives a casual cool look. Rock it in pastel or solid colors.

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