How many times have you done something and regretted it just after that? Yes, regret is something every one wishes they shouldn’t have. But REGRETS ARE LESSONS FOR LIFE. Let’s take example of our school. We have attended many lessons but do we remember any of them more than the lessons we have received from our life? No! Because life lessons are something we can never forget throughout our life.

We all must have done something in our past that we don’t want to remember but ironically the more we try to forget the more we remember. The solution to this is you can never forget what happened in your past so just learn to live with it. You can’t change your past and your feelings of regret but that thing you are regretting right now must have taught you a very important lesson that you must remember throughout our life. It is wisely said “YOU SHOULD NEVER DO THOSE THINGS IN YOUR LIFE THAT YOU WOULD REGRET AFTER” and yes i used to say this but the truth is every single person in this world regrets something or the other even if he/she does not show it. It’s on their inside.

It’s not bad to regret something but to be aware that you don’t repeat it again and that you have learned your lesson. People change , things change , relationships change and even we change but that’s the point. We should change with the changing environment. Every one is so concerned nowadays to “fit in” whether it is high school , workplace , anywhere you go but a person forgets that people should accept them as they are because the basic behaviour of a person does not change. The personality that one person has will more or less remain the same.

Regrets are not bad they just show you that you are much stronger than what tried to break you. You are much stronger than this. Whenever you fell like quitting remember life is worth living , the day still has so much to do , the stars shine bright at night but then again they go away in the morning but the fact is they are still there but are faint. You are still here just try harder. Remember all your goals, all your achievements and everything that you want to do. You know yourself the best , love yourself first then someone else. Remember your worth. You are so much more amazing than you think you are.

Ups and downs are a part of life, so what ? Focus on all your positive and happy memories of your past and learn to live with the bad ones but yes at last it was you. Everyone makes mistakes and learn from it because they teach us a lesson. A lesson to live and a lesson to move on. Learn from your past apply it in your future and see the things will come your way accordingly. You are no less than anyone. Just believe in yourself.

Happiness is a direction not a destination. Leave alone the stereotypes. Live your life , do what you like , eat that food , go to that place just be careful. You don’t want to regret anything knowingly but even if you regret that way it’s okay just try harder and not do that again. Life is worth living and moments are worth remembering. Life is not measured by the breaths we take but the moments that take our breath away!

Last but not the least cut out the negativity. Find your fire inside. Don’t just exist live!

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