Many of you must have heard this word before but what is it actually? Stereotype is invented by humans. It is not what actually people think it is. It is the tendency of humans to judge according to their perception. Humans have categorized all the things existing in this world. The two categories are Women and Men.

There are so many things in this world and we are supposed to use them as per our choice and not by the choice that the society has set for us. Our society has stereotyped many things such as colors , movies, music and much more.

People should be aware of these things and should say NO to sterotype. You should never judge or atleast try not to judge anyone because you don’t know in which situation they are and why are they reacting like that. No one is perfect not even you, so why should we judge others then? Some people develop anxiety or depression just because of this stereotyping . Everyone should say NO to stereotype.


If she is a girl she likes pink color and if he is a boy he likes blue color. You should never choose colors according to the society wear that color that makes you happy , comfortable and confident. If you are a girl and don’t like pink then there is no need to wear pink or use pink products . Similarly even a boy could like pink color there is nothing wrong in this.

If she is a girl she would watch romantic movies and if he is a boy he would watch sci- fiction movies. There are many girls who love to watch sci-fiction movies and many boys who love watching romantic movies. If she is a girl that does not means she would be scared to watch horror movies and if he is a boy then even he could be afraid to watch horror movies.

If she is a girl she would listen to love songs or soft songs and if he is a boy he would listen to pop and dj. Its not like that . Every individual has personal preference i.e. his/her playlist of their favourite songs. Anyone can listen to anything they want. Girls can hear pop and rock songs while boys can hear soft love songs.

Well let me tell you about me. I am a girl. My favourite colors are black , lavender and baby blue. I love to watch horror , fiction and fashion movies. It’s not that i don’t watch romantic movies but its not what i prefer always. I love Avengers and disney movies. The music that i hear, i just can’t describe it. I think it’s just me and when i hear music i’m just being myself.

Not based on gender people often stereotype between fair and dark. I think fair , dusky or dark look equally beautiful and should be treated equally. All we have to do is say NO TO STEREOTYPE . We should speak up because our words have so much power and our ability to do so makes it so much better.

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