I was born on 16th May 2003. Summer season , summer dress , ice cream , refreshing drinks and so much more. But this time when i turned 17 , it is summer season but including the quarantine season. How I planned my birthday was not exactly like this but still it was a lot of fun. MY QUARANTINE BIRTHDAY!

17th birthday is so much close to 18th. You know you can officially be an adult, get a driver’s licence and so much more( according to the rules of my country). Sometimes things don’t go the way you planned them. It can be different and we should not be sorry for them. I thought i might loose this chance of celebrating my special day but it was not like that. It was a lot of fun and it meant so much to me.

I woke up , brushed my teeth , exercised – planks , push ups , crunches, squats etc. I got caffeine i.e iced coffee that keeps me going on. I laid on my bed , checked my pinterest (follow me- Blogger Manu) . I ran some errands then had my lunch. It was pretty good veggie balls and fried rice.

I had a refreshing mocktail. My cake arrived at 6:00 pm and i had an amazing photoshoot. Lots of people wished me where as some were in their attitude which they should know i don’t care about.

My 17th Birthday cake !
I made this mocktail !


I planned so much about what would be my outfit for my special day but i ended up wearing a simple t-shirt and my go to shorts and it was pretty and comfortable. I don’t normally put on any makeup unless it’s for parties but i ended up wearing a nude brown lipcolor from colorbar. I had my nails done.

I had a snack , cleaned my room and then went stargazing on my terrace. It was grey and cloudy but i was able to see some stars but no moon. After that i had face time some of my cousins and spent some time watching movies . I went to bed at midnight but ended up sleeping at 2:00 am.

Honestly, this was not how i imagined my birthday but i enjoyed it and i will definitely remember the birthday i had in this quarantine season. And to everyone who happens to have their birthday in this quarantine i wish you a very happy birthday and may all your wishes come true. Stay safe and stay at home and celebrate your birthday indoors.

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