Know your Competence.

Competence or Giftedness is a gift inside us but we may have noticed the recent interest in gifted learning and education in the media. A glimpse of what the brains of some  people can do  with their ability to store large amount of information in memory. A person identified as gifted explains how his/her  experiences with formal education and the world can differ from a person who is not gifted.

The argument here is how these people wanted to be taught and how they were actually taught when they were students.  Some gifted persons show high academic success , the academic giftedtness other show solo academic success. Achievements are one reason why gifted people are interested in contributing more towards winning and towards the society.

When people know they are gifted  ,they work towards their improvement and are motivated towards achieving their goals but when they donot know they are gifted then that maybe a waste, till the time they come to know about it.
Gifted person is an innovator who always has innovation and creativity in his/her mind. He/she is curious to know more about things and are always wanting to explore.Their outcomes are not because they were lucky in any situation or it was accidental but because they have that potential in them to achieve their goal.

You can understand if a person is gifted by observing how they react to information , their behaviour towards environment.

But this is not the only trait that gifted people possess. You can recognize a gifted person by the following ways-

Extensive vocabulary

Excellent memory

Curious and asks a lot of questions

Learns rapidly

Has intense interests

Attentive for longer durations

Highly developed sense of humor

Gifted or not you must always be motivated towards working for your goals and achieving them. Even if you are not gifted you can be talented and that talent can be from one of your hobbies so you should never be sorry for yourself if you are not gifted but happy for you can be talented. Always be optimistic and that will lead you towards the greater things that life has to offer.
Life is short so enjoy it to your fullest.

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