Have this last bite , she said. I asked why? Everyone knows last bite is delicious. We experience many emotions everyday but we must have experienced many emotions in this quarntine. Most of us are living with our family and some of us are living alone. But today i experienced something which i will never be able to forget. In this quarntine i fought with my parents and sibling , i enjoyed with them an even spent an entire day in my room.

So it was my brunch time i know most of our sleep schedule sucks but i try to wake up early in the morning which is around 9:30 am or 10:00 am. Well i know it’s not that early but even if i wake up early i prefer brunch. My mother made CRÊPE today. Everyone in my home had their lunch by that time.

My mother brought a nutella crêpe filled with strawberries for me and a plain crêpe for herself. I had finished mine but i was hungry so i asked my mother to make one more for me. She told that the batter was over and asked me to eat the crêpe which she made for herself. At first i refused but when she said ,” I had my lunch.” i decided to eat. So i divided the crêpe in half and ate it. My mother was sitting beside me and had one bite left. She stared at me and then divided that one bite in two half bites. She gave one to me. I ate it. Then she said,” One day you will remember this half a bite.” I was touched by this statement.

Then i thought why not remember this always leave alone one day. I decided to write a blog on Half a bite. Mothers’ always do so much for us but we fail to understand their love and care. Many times they can be harsh on us but we should also embrace these little moments with our family members. There must be that one parent either your mother or your father with whom you are close. Many of us must have experienced many things like this in our lives.

In one way this quarntine has brought us close to our family members. We are lucky to have a family who has our back everytime and in every situation. Some people don’t get this. We only appreciate these things when we no longer have them.

This was my Half a bite story. I’m sure you must have your own. Share with me in the comment section if you have one. Life is short so embrace the little moments. You sure will remember them when they are long gone. Always appreciate what you have and people will appreciate youb.

Stay home and stay safe!

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