People or things we tend to hold onto them. What is it to hold on? Being attached to that person who don’t even care for us. Well we see this all the time. But the best advive is ” Never hold on ”

People who leave us the way we never even expect are not the one’s worth waiting for. If that person is right for you he/she would never leave you in any situation no matter what. We even hold onto things that are decaying. Move on buy new things that are better than before. We may be emotionally attached to those things but someday or the other you need to let them go. We can’t just let go of some things but this is not the case with people. People who hurt us intentionally and then pretend to be sorry just on your face , who don’t care for us , who leave us when we need them the most are the people whom we should let go .

Person or things never hold onto them. We loose people and things from time to time but that does not mean that you should focus your entire attention on them. I agree that it is difficult for us to move on and leave those things that once made us happy but holding onto them is never an option. You will just waste your time and energy without achieveing anything. Holding onto people was and will never be beneficial to anyone’s mental or physical health.

Some people would say they don’t want to do one thing(that can be anything) and continuously repeat that , but they keep on doing those things, and say no it was not meant to be like that ,are the one’s whom you should leave immediately. Never hold onto people.So why do we put ourselves through the inexplicable torture of trying to make sense of something that doesn’t make sense, doesn’t contribute to our happiness, or doesn’t help us grow anymore?

We expect that if something is wrong ,that could be right and yes that is possible and we can wait for some amount of time but not for long. It isn’t the thing. We think that the things could be same as before, the love , the loyalty , the trust but it isn’t !

Think practically why do you let someone ruin your perfect life when you could ruin it yourselves if you want in a hysterical way. Love yourself! Even ” I comes before U in english alphabets”. Think of your priorities first and about yourself because only you can help yourself to become a better person.

We also have the fear of being alone that we would not be able to find someone better , that we would be left alone. We think that if someone knows our deepest and darkest secrets he/she could blackmail us but have you ever thought that all this is leaving a major impact on your life. All this is ruining your life and if you can’t have mental peace you can never stay with that person. You will definitely find the right person at the right time. You should Live love and laugh.

You should leave the person if s/he is not letting you grow. S/he does not believe in you. S/he does not encourage you to do better in your life. If s/he demotivates you. You should take charge of your own life and you should be well aware of the fact that what you sow , so shall you reap! Always think twice before doing something or speaking something. Once the words come out of your mouth they can’t be taken back!

You deserve someone who thinks you are too important to lose. Someone can be sorry for what s/he has done but how many times do you think that you can forgive and forget? Once or even twice thats it! You should never hold on. Always try to find somebody who is most probably of equal capability as you i.e mentally. No one is perfect ,everyone has their own flaws. We should overlook some of them but not all of them.

Don’t just exist, live. Life is simply beautiful and there will be many ups and downs but we should never hold onto the bad moments but enjoy the moments that makes us happy. Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take but the moments that takes our breath away. Life has so much to offer then why should we hold onto people who don’t deserve us. We are all bad in someone’s story so what? We will not stop living our life the way we want to.

People come and go but the one’s that stay are the one’s that glow. Just because someone left you does not means that you were not worth staying for it means that the person who left you was not able to understand what your silence meant more than your words. Everything happens for a reason. Something good is coming your way. Life is short so NEVER HOLD ON!

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