How to survive a QUARANTINE without losing your MIND.

Most people are afraid of this word. They just can’t imagine their life inside their house for a whole lot of time. By keeping the present scenario in mind it is safe for us to stay at home. This may worry lots of people but it is something we should not worry about.

We have a tendency to move out of the house atleast twice a day and we cannot bear to stay inside our homes for such a long time. But we need to get over this and try to utilise our time and not stress over it.

There are many things we can do, learn and teach others too. You can schedule your entire day the way you want to or I can schedule it for you . You can add onto the things you do. I am just creating a basic idea for you.

This schedule can be followed by people of any age and specially teenagers. If you are a parent you can style your child’s life or you can give them the idea about how they can utilise their day positively. Even a parent can style his/her life accordingly.


You can wake up early so that you can be productive for the entire day. Sitting with your mobiles for the entire day is definitely not good for your health. Make yourself useful.

2. Make your bed and clean your house.

Nowadays it’s not about women who should do all the work. Men in the house should make themselves useful. All the members of the family can divide the work and clean the house, cook food, water the plants and any other work that is supposed to be done . With the help of the entire family work is done faster. If you live alone, there will be less work for you and you can do it yourself. TIP: ALWAYS PLAY THE MUSIC WHILE DOING THIS KIND OF WORK. YOU WILL DEFINITELY ENJOY DOING IT!


If you are a student you can study online for some time because education is super important and it can be taken at any time.


If you work online or you are working from your home you can do it after your cleaning job ( the part of job you are doing in your family). If you have no work to do you can look online for what’s going on in the world. Watch education programmes because education does not considers age . You can get educated at any point in your life but basic education that is the degrees that you get should be completed with time because your future depends on it.


You can enjoy on your mobiles , watch movies, use social media , surf the internet , get creative , follow boards on pinterest or tumblr. Follow me on pinterest – Blogger Manu


Eat your meals on time. Eat healthy food. Eat your breakfast, lunch and dinner properly. Eat snacks in between but try to eat more on the healthy side. Give your body the nutrition it deserves.


You have to excercise if you want a healthy body and a healthy lifestyle. By excercising our body releases hormones that are endorphins and these hormones have the tendency to make us happier. A healthy body has a healthy mind and a healthy mind is a creative mind.

Do any pending work that is to be done and then you can do your favourite pass time or even better follow your goals or make new hobbies . Find the special factor in yourself and work towards it. Everyone has different hobbies and you can pass your time doing that.

There must be many schedules that guides us not to use our mobiles or watch televison that much but that is not practically possible . But the schedule mentioned here is definitely practical and possible.


Last but not the least sleep on time. Schedule your sleep . No one likes puffy eyes . A person functions better if s/he had a proper sleep i.e. atleast eight hours of sleep and you should definitely sleep on time and not late so that you could wake up early and make yourself useful. If you would be working you would definitely follow timings according to that. But as for now i would recommend you to sleep at 12 i.e midnight or if it gets late then at 1:00 am and get up at 9:00 am . You would still have so much time to make yourself useful.

Don’t let Quarantine bother you. Stay at home and stay safe. Make the most of your day.

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