Life may not be happily ever after but it surely has happy days.

Life. What is it? People have different definitions of life. Life is surely short. Try and make the most of it. Everyday is a new begining. We learn from our past , apply it in our present to make our future better. Life is not easy. It isn’t a bed of roses , thorns come every week. Life may not be happily ever after but it surely has happy days.

We experience many things in our life and life is full of emotions. We donot know what will happen next. So we should always live in the present and enjoy what is going around us. Some situations may be difficult but they are not permanent. Every problem has a solution. We should think positive and try to deal with the situations with a positive mind.

Memories leave a deep impact on our lives. Some may be pleasant while some may be depressing or unpleasant. We tend to remember the pleasant ones for life long but unpleasnt memories have a tendency to pop up at any time and can spoil your mood. But memories are always a thing of past so how we deal with them matters the most. Our past does not defines us it prepares us. We can’t change our memories but we have to learn to live with them and be storng on the inside.

We can change our present situation if we work for it.Life always has happy days and one can make each day happy by seeing the positive side of everything. For some people life may be happily ever after and for some it may be not. In both the situations life has happy days. Love to live your life. Life is a gift which is given once and try to make the most of it. We cannot get everything in our life but we should be happy with what we have.

People prefer different things which make them happy. Every individual has different choices , tastes and preferences. Here is a list of things (not in any particular order) which i enjoy doing. Many people may like these things while others may not but you can make your own list and play accordingly.

The Beach

  • It is calm and beautiful
  • Peaceful
  • Natural beauty
  • Enjoy beautiful summer drinks

Ice cream

Many people have different choices with food and desserts but if someone asked me what would i choose it would definitely be ice cream. I have a sweet tooth but i definitely love fast food.


Not only me but many people would love to watch their favourite series on netflix according to their tastes and preferences. But if someone asked me it would definitely be 13 reasons why


Reading books has many benifits. It can be your favourite pass time and on the other hand it even educates you and provides you information depending upon the type of books you read. For me i read books that are related to business , fashion , psychology and fiction.


Walking not only gives you a good health but it is also good for spending time alone or with your loved ones. For me i like to walk in fresh air listening to my favourite music.


Everyone loves to listen to music. Be it pop , classical , hip hop etc. Everyone has different choices. Make your own playlist and listen to it. Enjoy your life.

Day out and long drives

Everyone needs a holiday. When you work for long hours and tire yourself out you definitely need a vacation but taking a holiday is a day off. Everyone needs a vacation be it a working person or a house wife , students or people working online. Day out is literally pampering yourself. Eating your favourite food , watching a movie , massages , therapy , long drives whatever makes you happy.


For people who like shopping should go to their favourite shopping spots but as for me i like to shop at malls where there is a variety of showrooms and variety of different brands. Shopping releases stress.

These are the things that make me happy and many people would even like these things . You can create your own list and enjoy the things that you like and that make you happy. You can even try these things out and i promise that you would definitely enjoy these. Have a wonderful life and make the most of it. You only get one life to live and live it the way that lifr starts loving you. Have a wonderful day.

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