Christmas is on the way. Many preparations are to be done. So here’s the christmas blog. Christmas is celebrated on the birth of Jesus Christ . Since we all are excited before christmas , we start the preparations early . Here i present a christmas bucket list to make your christmas a whole lot easier and enjoyable.

1. Christmas tree

Get your christmas tree ready. Bring new ornaments if needed and decorate your christmas tree as soon as possible.

2. Fairy lights

Since we all like a shiny christmas decorate your room and your christmas tree with a whole lot fairy lights .

3. Candles

Winters and christmas go hand in hand . Prepare your hot chocolate and get scented candles to make your home smell wonderful during christmas.

4. Gifts

Don’t wrap your gifts in a plain wrapping sheet. Try wrapping it all in a christmas theme. The person who will receive the gift will be impressed.

Some gift ideas

a. Hot chocolate in a jar

b. Scented candles

c. Chocolates

d. Christmas cake

e. Gift cards

5. Christmas cake

Since it is christmas we cannot forget about a christmas cake. Buy or make a beautiful christmas cake and share it with your family and friends.

6. Wine

Christmas cannot be completed without wines . Select wonderful flavours of wine rich in taste and you will have the best christmas ever. Whether it is Christmas lunch or dinner you’re preparing, there’s no doubt it will be a festive meal. Consequently, wines you choose should also be special.

7. Clothes

Shop the best clothes. Search for recent fashion and trendy dresses to light up your wadrobe and to shine on christmas eve.

8. We cannot forget about the most important part of christmas – Santa Claus . We all must have believed in santa claus at a point of time. Since each and every person enjoys meeting santa , go out and enjoy the freshness of nature where many santa are distributing happiness and chocolate.

You all can find all the ideas for cakes , clothes , candles , gift wrapping , hot chocolate and everything mentioned above on my pinterest. Follow me @Blogger Manu

New year blog will be soon posted. What would you like to read?

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