Travelling essentials

How many times have you went on a trip with heavy bags? The one thing every traveller dreams is to travel lighter. Here are some of the essentials a traveller needs to carry while s/he is on a trip.

Main bags

A traveller needs to carry two main bags in his/her luggage. One his/her main suitcase and second a carry bag that can be a bag pack or a normal handbag. You can choose stylish luggage like a modern suitcase and a cool bag pack for all your instagram or snapchat worthy pictures.

Suitcase –
You can pack the following things depending on how many days you are going to stay on your vacation.

1. Clothes

2. Shoes

3. Makeup

Bag pack –

You don’t need to put a whole lot of stuff in your suitcase but you can keep all your essential things in the bag that will be with you during your flight.

These are –

1. Socks – some flights can be long and i have been to many where i would be freezing and i definitely need a pair of socks to keep me warm.

2. Headphones – they can be noise canceling and you can of course use them to hear a novel or songs so that you are not bored.

3. Earphones – while in some flights you might want to watch movies on the screen that is in front of you and you can connect them on the screen.

4. Charger – you have to carry your phone charger and you can just plug in the chord of the charger under your seat so that you can charge your phone easily

5. Multi charger – You can have a battery backup as you don’t know when that can come in use . Power banks can come in handy many times.

6. Laptop and it’s charger – you can be bored and you can use your laptop to watch movies on a big screen and of course there is a lot of work you need to do.

7. Snack – you can keep a quick snack like yogurt bars or granola bars or maybe a protein bar in case you get hungry or the other option is airport food or the food you get during you are in your flight. Not everyone likes to eat that food so in case you don’t have the mood to eat the flight food you can always have the other option.

8. Sanitizer and wipes – you always touch a lot of stuff that can give you germs so keeping a hand sanitizer is always handy for a germ free environment around you.

9. Gums – your ears may pop during flights so to avoid that you can always chew your gums.

10. Wallet – to keep all that money you are going to spend and all your debit cards and credit cards.

11. An essentials pouch – many random things like your tooth brush , tooth paste , comb , medicines , hand cream , face cream , deodorant , perfume , face wipes .

12. Shades and caps – you got to have style when you move out from the flight and then the airport shades are the most important thing.

Last but not the least your phone of course you can never travel without it anywhere.

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