Healthy living

How many times do you think before you eat? 90% of the people decide what they should eat but not think, if it is good for their health or not. People should eat healthy. Many of us visit dietitians about what we should eat and almost all of them says ‘No’ to junk food. Well, it is not that, that you should not eat junk food but you should eat them in a limited amount.

If you do not eat healthy you can acquire many diseases or even worse – organ failure. If all you eat are pizzas and burgers or having lunch and dinner at great hotels or restaurants you should understand that you are inviting all the problems such as obesity, diabetes, liver infection etc.

It is advised to eat junk food once in a week. A healthy diet includes a balanced amount of vitamins, minerals, fats, carbohydrates, roughage and proteins. To stay healthy is to live longer.

Eating junk food regularly and not exercising after that results in the accumulation of fats which may lead to many problems.

Some people live to eat while some eat to live. There is a huge difference. Whatever you eat shows a lot about your lifestyle. Select before eating.

Always have a three course meal.

Eat your breakfast like a president.

Eat your lunch like a normal person.

Eat your dinner like a beggar.

Follow these simple rules for a healthy and a long life. Have a healthy lifestyle and you will get to spend a better and a long life with your loved ones.

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