How many times you thought you were perfect at a thing? People usually want to do their best at everything but they tend to forget that it is not about perfection but progress. People should not focus on doing things perfectly but should focus on doing things better than before.

When people set new goals he/she is motivated to accomplish it. He/she may be confident that it will go perfectly. But in reality as time passes by the goal might feel harder to achieve. The person might want to give up and it can cause failure. When people want to achieve his goals he/she might be highly focused on that thing but this may lead to functional fixedness. He/she might not be able to think creatively but try and achieve his/her goal by staying inside the box. A person might not be able to think outside the box. When a person tries to achieve his/her goal but is unable to do so he/she might be wrongly motivated and want to give up.

When working towards perfection a person has two options – either s/he achieves it or s/he looses it. This is a situation of win or loose. When a person focuses on progress s/he is determined to do a thing better than before and could think of new ideas for achieving a thing . As life changes every second a person might want to do things perfectly but a person might not want to make progress . As it is said strive for progress not perfection. A person should be highly focused in achieving his or her goals but not perfectly. As you progress more and more there may be a time where you can do that thing perfectly but a person should not first think of achieving something perfectly.

The next time you find yourself trying to be perfect shift your focus from perfection to progress and celebrate your success. Always be proud of how hard you are trying.

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