People see many things in their daily life. What you see, is it what you want to see or is it what you actually see? It is not rare to see people with makeup. A makeup that they make for the world to blend in. Almost all the people are two faced nowadays. They do not value the true beauty. They just want to see what would make them famous and try to copy all of that. As it is said beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. What you perceive from the environment plays a very important role in what you become as you grow.

Beauty behind the show is something from which you will know that the actual beauty is not about snapchatting or instagraming everything regularly but to remove the makeup that a person puts on after leaving his/her bed.

When you visit the nature , the beautiful colours of the flowers somewhere inside you make you feel relaxed , the smell of the fresh flowers and trees make you feel like you have been free from all those everyday tasks that make you tired. Just like that the makeup that you put on after leaving your bed can make you tired.

People generally talk about values. Those values that everyone expects in the person standing in front of them but they tend to forget that the person in front of them expects the same. Some people criticize the present generation but they tend to forget who raised them. Values just don’t come from the parents but also the people that surround them. What people need to do is be nice. Being humble and polite are the best values that anyone can ask for . People tend to judge other people based on their values or how they behave but they do not want to know the reason why they are behaving that way.

Beauty is not what you see it is the character of the person that lies inside . It is the way that the person responds in any situation. The character of the person makes him/her choose his/her level of people mostly physically because it is difficult for a person to determine a person’s mental level as soon as you meet them . Since first impression is everything for most of the people but mostly it does not determine what kind of person you are. Mental level can be determined only after being with that person atleast a few times.

Being classy is not only about dressing but the way you behave in front of the whole world but that does not mean moving around with a face covered with makeup. Be who you are and that will define your class. Be with a person of your same mental level and you can live your life happily. Mental compatibility is the most important thing in any kind of relationship say it a friendship or a commitment . What you need is class with character.

Try to see those things that are behind the show. Those things that a person does not show on his/her face. Sight behind the show. Try to understand what a person feels without him/her expressing it. Just live your life being a unique creature. Always remember you unique. There are many things that you can understand and feel in your own special way and don’t let anyone change the way you feel if you think that is the only way you could express yourself.

Live love laugh

Thank you

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A sight to see behind what is visible✨👀

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