Single, married or comitted everyone deserves a positive lifestyle. Not only physically but also mentally. Relaxing your mind is the most important thing to do. Relaxing your mind involves 2 things

1. Relaxing it physically

2. Relaxing it mentally

Relaxing your mind physically

  1. What happens around you matters the most. The type of people you surround yourself with. How they influence your behaviour. Environment plays an important role in affecting your behaviour.
  2. First things first- you have got organise your thoughts look for what you have to do. Make a to-do list everyday and try to work according to it.
  3. Next always make a habit of getting up early and not sleeping late. Human beings need an 8 hour sleep daily as it is said early bird gets the worm .
  4. Eat a healthy breakfast. A good breakfast will put you in a good mood. Maybe a cup of coffee for all my coffee lovers. Dark brew coffee or a mocha or a cup of ginger tea for all my tea lovers.
  5. Start up with your day do your work till it’s really time to rest.
  6. Evening drinks in a limited amount to keep you fit. Alcoholic or non – alcoholic drink would make your day but drinking the right amount matters the most from sweetness to bitterness Have a good dinner and sleep .
  7. Now for all mental health related positive lifestyle wait for my next blog post.
    Hope you enjoyed reading my blog. will soon post my next blog.

    Thanks for reading.

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